NEW! The album Gates of Heaven, published by Revolt Production Music is now available in iTunes. Including our track Touching the Dream
Since the concept of an idea to make it a reality The Ninyaven Studios brings more than music or sound for an audiovisual project. We take the idea and create direct links between a theme or melody and an end. We get to introduce the viewer squarely in the audiovisual product. Familiarity with an idea through the sound is our goal. Our range of genres is limitless, from orchestral music that will take you to other worlds to the fusion of electronic music and sound. For musicians and performers  We compose all genres music for vocalist or group (Pop, R & B, Rock, Dance, Etc). We provide all the tools of a recording studio at your disposal to create your successful song. © THE NINYAVEN STUDIOS 2015 Take a look at our website to know us better ... Fotografía             Latest News